Mineral Water Vs Purified Water? Health Benefits

Jun 24th 2017

We have learned since then that our body is composed 80% of water. As such, it is very important that one keeps himself hydrated all the time to make sure that they are on their optimum health. After all, there are plenty of health benefits that we all can get from drinking the right amount of water and the right choice of water. But with the generation that we are living in now, we can pretty much say that there are plenty of choices that are making our decision making quite out of focus. This is so since there are already options such as mineral water as well as the purified water. And you might ask, which one of these two options will be the best pick?

Now let us discuss these two first separately and you be the judge.

Mineral Water

For the most part, mineral water comes from the same source like the distilled water and the purified water. But just as its name suggest, the mineral water has trace minerals in it as a requirement for it to be called as such. Some of the trace minerals that are found in mineral water are calcium and magnesium.

Purified Water

On the other hand, purified water means that it is actually water in its purest form. Hence, it is also confused with the distilled water since they both undergo the process or removing the impurities in the water. But purified water still undergoes other processes. These processes include reverse osmosis as well as deionization. For one not to be confused, a distilled water is considered as a purified water but not the other way around. The reason behind is the fact that purified drinking water has undergone a lot of processes to make as it is while distilled water does not.