5 Healthy Snacks & Desserts

Jun 24th 2017

Snacks and desserts are not fully off-limits when it comes to your goal of a healthy diet. But choosing carefully must always be on top of your mind. Just always remember that snacks and desserts with a high level of fat content such as dense cookies, butter, and creamy whipped topping can lead you closer to higher cholesterol levels. And when this happens, you will definitely experience a lot of physical ailments such as kidney problems, sluggish circulation, strokes, and even heart attacks.

Thus, here are the top 5 healthy snacks and desserts with low saturated that you can try.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

Most of the time, we would associate it with so much fat. And we can blame you since the traditional strawberry shortcake is indeed fatty. You won’t believe how delicious it can be and at the same time low in fat since it only makes use of vanilla ice cream that is fat-free.

2. Smoothie Central

If you are craving for a creamy and rich milkshake, then taking a smoothie as an alternative will be a better option. A fruit smoothie can still achieve the creamy consistency. Thanks to the soy milk, yogurt, or protein powder that you can add to it.

3. All-Day Breakfast

Waffles and pancakes are not really limited on our breakfast table. But if you are really craving for a cupcake, then you can make a French toast that is covered in fruits. You can even consider sweet potato pancakes made up whole wheat. You can make big batches of this so you can keep it in your freezer and munch on it later on.

4. Vegan Ice Cream

Who would not even be enticed with the sight of an ice cream? If you are craving for such, then you can have vegan alternatives using frozen fruits. One can go by using banana and peanut butter or a flavor made up of cherries.

5. Vegan Chip Balls

Our cravings for cookies will always be quite normal. But what’s not normal is the calories that we may accumulate because of the butter and eggs. To do away with these, then reconsider having vegan chip balls that are already available for purchase and with lower calories.